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Wise Installation Studio/Express 7.0

I had many experiences in different projects to create installation with “Wise Installation System Professional 9.0” especially in visual basic 6.0 projects. This version was extremely mach with visual basic 6.0 projects and its scripting was easier than that of competitive products.

Recently I was looking for a reliable packaging software and predictably I went in for new version of Wise installer supporting .Net applications . I found two version of Wise installer in company web site named “Wise installation studio ” And ” Wise installation express ” .At the beginning I wanted to evaluate ” Wise installation studio ” It was frustrating! because at the beginning it was a little complicated, However, I know that it is designed for an enterprise system development and it is more than an installer editor for medium-sized projects. I have historic problem with “express editions” which remind me limited features of an application. But ” Wise Installation Express 7.0 ” is something else and it seems more than an express edition of Wise installation and It will completely useful in small and medium-sized projects specially in windows applications. I’ve found it simple, easy to use and sophisticated. You can find full feature comparison grid here but for me highlighted features are listed below:

Wise Installation Studio/Express 7.0 Advantages from my point of view

  • Interface key-points is same as previous versions
  • Supporting Microsoft Windows Installer (msi)
  • Support for 64-bit installations
  • Support mobile device packaging
  • Supporting Merge modules
  • Patch Wizard

Written by Ahmadreza Atighechi

June 18, 2008 at 9:43 am

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